Our Story

II Embers was created while we (mother & daughter) were on vacation in Florida July 4, 2015. We were sitting on the porch with our entire family, which is very complicated, and we were belting out the words to Fight Song. We had the crazy idea to start a jewelry company and make it successful. From that moment on we kept thinking of ideas, names and other things concerning our company. We are the PERFECT TEAM!!! Mother does everything business/sales plus keeps us on track. Daughter is the designer and creative aspect of the company. So we set out on a plan to make working together again happen. We hope everyone loves our handmade, stylish pieces.

Another important part of why we decided to venture out and start II Embers was to give back!

We are eager to partner with charities to create fashionable pieces which can be sold and profits will be donated back to your foundation. Please contact us by email: christie@iiembers.com to start working on raising money for your local or national charity.