Random Acts of Purpose


Purchase a Bracelet or Key Chain to support or honor a loved one going through treatment, RAOP receives a 50% donation for each bracelet purchased. If you would like to purchase multiple bracelets and donate them back to RAOP they can be distributed to those walking through cancer. 

The Mission...

Random Acts of Purpose helps patients in Tulsa and the surrounding area through the process of surgery, treatment and recovery of a cancer diagnosis. We help patients and caregivers either directly, or through requests from family, friends, treatment facilities or random encounters. Through resources and information we provide acts of kindness with a purpose. Because cancer has no boundaries.

The Goal...

By helping others find the good through this obnoxious disease, maybe in turn they can help someone else. Helping someone’s heart helps the healing process, even if just for a day. Positive energy is healing and encouragement is free.


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Random Acts of Purpose