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Huntin', fishin', and lovin' every day

Over Labor Day weekend I went to Rivers West Ranch which Jack's family owns, and this place is incredible! I have been going to this ranch since I was in high school, yet so many things have changed. This place has now become a wedding venue, retreat, and a hunters dream, and when I go, I like to let my inner country girl run wild. Labor day weekend is the opening for dove season, so that was the key part of our trip. In order to dove hunt an early morning wake up call is a must and since I was getting up at the crack of dawn a nap was nessecary and RWR happens to have a deck that has a breathtaking view with...

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Am I next?

I am at that age now where weddings/engagement celebrations are a constant in my life and with that I am always buying dresses, picking out II Embers bracelets, and dancing the night away with my main squeeze. Many of the weddings I have attended happened to be at The Mayo in downtown Tulsa which is an amazing venue that I highly recommend. Lucy, my boyfriend's mother finally married her now husband after 14 years of dating and it was one of the most joyous celebrations I have even attended in my short life. One of the best parts of the wedding besides seeing the two love birds tie the knot was the hilarious aspect of catching the bouquet. I have always thought that catching...

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Feeling the glee

I started II Embers with the idea that I would focus on bracelets, but when my best friend, Katie, asked me to design earrings for her wedding I thought "Why not?!" I sat down at my workstation and starting brainstorming and I came up with three ideas that worked perfectly. On the day of her wedding she gave the bridal party the earrings including myself and they went off without a hitch. Seeing the bridal party wearing them gave me the biggest smile. I had finally created something that people loved and actually wanted to wear. I used to work for another jewelry company and I never felt gratification for anything I created, but at this point everything has changed thanks to...

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