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Land that I Love

The JF Welder Ranch established in 1878 is something out of a story book and we, Jack and I were lucky enough to spend the last couple of days in this special place. I have been making the long 9.5 hour drive to this ranch for numerous years and each time I learn more about the history, land, and feel a greater sense of appreciation after I leave. I could spend hours telling you the history, but unless you have been there and seen the beauty of the land you will not understand. However, I do want to share with you some hilarious happenings including the monkeys!

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Wine Women and Shoes

After my short stop in LA I continued on the tiniest plane to the tiniest airport in San Louis Obispo where I took an Uber to Atascadero, CA. While visiting this beautiful place I worked an event called Wine, Women, and Shoes and at this event I sold II Embers jewelry and purses. This event series has generated more than $40, 000,000 to nonprofits across the country and we happen to be a national sponsor which means we give 20% of our sales to the specific nonprofit that is featured at each show we attend.

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La La Land

First off, please forgive my appearance! My friend, Mary, looks adorable as usual, but I woke up at 5:30 am to catch a flight and traveling gets the best of me. I have not been out to visit Mary since she moved to LA four years ago, so a short stop on my way to an event was the perfect excuse to finally make it happen! I flew in for a few hours and was able to grab lunch before heading back to the airport to fly on to my next destination. Santa Monica is a short distance from LAX, so that is where we dined.

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Huntin’, fishin’, and lovin’ every day

Over Labor Day weekend I went to Rivers West Ranch which Jack’s family owns, and this place is incredible! I have been going to this ranch since I was in high school, yet so many things have changed. This place has now become a wedding venue, retreat, and a hunters dream, and when I go, I like to let my inner country girl run wild. Labor day weekend is the opening for dove season, so that was the key part of our trip.

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