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Styling Toddlers

Calling all those who have not finished Christmas shopping, II Embers is now creating custom jewelry for toddlers and little girls. We have been doing this for a little while now, but just for those close to us. We have even made bracelets for flower girls in weddings. I am super excited that we are able … Continue reading Styling Toddlers

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They are Real! Real Gemstones!

We are given hundreds of thousands of jewelry choices to choose from, but do you know what you are choosing when you make a jewelry purchase? All of our beaded jewelry contains semi-precious stones! Most of the time when you make a purchase you are paying for the name not the actual quality which if you … Continue reading They are Real! Real Gemstones!

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Color Pop

This collection is all about color! I know that fall has officially begun, but that does not mean that color needs to be left out of your wardrobe. When it comes to me, my closet is filled with shades in between white and black. I do not usually wear bright colors in the fall or winter, but with this new collection

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