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Every single one of the bachelorette parties I have attended have been wild, filled with sleep deprivation and hangovers. However this bachelorette party did not include any of the above, and that made it one of the best! We started out the weekend carrying in plenty of wine and champagne to please a small crowd … Continue reading #ChampsforCHAMPS

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La La Land

First off, please forgive my appearance! My friend, Mary, looks adorable as usual, but I woke up at 5:30 am to catch a flight and traveling gets the best of me. I have not been out to visit Mary since she moved to LA four years ago, so a short stop on my way to an event was the perfect excuse to finally make it happen! I flew in for a few hours and was able to grab lunch before heading back to the airport to fly on to my next destination. Santa Monica is a short distance from LAX, so that is where we dined.

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Feeling the glee

I started II Embers with the idea that I would focus on bracelets, but when my best friend, Katie, asked me to design earrings for her wedding I thought "Why not?!" I sat down at my workstation and starting brainstorming and I came up with three ideas that worked perfectly. On the day of her wedding she gave the bridal party the earrings including myself and they went off without a hitch. Seeing the bridal party wearing them gave me the biggest smile. I had finally created something that people loved and actually wanted to wear. I used to work for another jewelry company and I never felt gratification for anything I created, but at this point everything has changed thanks to...

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